The second reason I’m slightly less stupid than I was a year ago

Reason #2: I now know quality is not the biggest factor in book sales. According to IMDB, Austrian actor Christopher Waltz is 56 years old and has more than one hundred acting credits. Yet, most people outside of Austria and Germany never heard of Waltz until Quentin Tarantino cast him in Inglorious Basterds a few years […]

The #!@%$# Tree is Up

We put up our tree last night. It’s a small Fraser Fir. The names comes from an old Germanic dialect which means Dude, you were totally ripped off. I much prefer another variety of Christmas tree called coniferous cheapus. I often buy trees from the boy scouts who have a lot at a nearby church. One year […]

The Last Twinkie in My Desk Drawer

I interrupt my regularly scheduled posts on things roughly to do with writing to bring you this announcement: THE LAST TWINKIE IN MY DESK DRAWER. Behold. THE LAST TWINKIE IN MY DESK DRAWER. This wonderful product is also THE FIRST TWINKIE IN MY DESK DRAWER, which I had to have as soon as I learned Hostess was […]