I have nothing to say, but that won’t stop me from saying it.

The great Greek-Persian philosopher Demothechakakhan (known as Chaka to his buds) once said that a person could write on a cartload of papyrus and still not say shite. (Bear with me, I’ve been watching Scottish TV lately.) He didn’t say those exact words, but the sentiment is accurate. Chaka’s idea is valid, and he would […]

In defense of ignorance

I’m taking my younger daughter to my alma mater for homecoming this weekend. I have an aerial view of the motel where we’ll stay. I know if I drive the speed limit, we’ll arrive there six hours and five minutes from the time we leave home. I know the structure is less than five years old. […]

Getting Cozy with Budda

A review from Susan at the My Cozie Corner Book Blog…   “The Night Budda Got In It” is a well written story with tons of excitement involving drug dealers and runaways. Ron pens his characters believable and with humor. I was totally engrossed in the story from the beginning right to the end. A must […]

The Book Tart’s Review of Budda

“I enjoyed this story very much a lot. (Yes , I know that’s a double quantifier :p ) I like to read YA stories and this one looked intriguingly different than the paranormal young adult stories I normally gravitate towards. How a book with drug dealers, ghosts (?), violence, a teen runaway protagonist (very likable) […]